New level of business development in Southeast Asia

Committed to your sales success


Indolink – Business Development Asia is the premier provider of quality business development and sales services to technology-driven firms who are interested to expand their businesses in Southeast Asia region. 

Since our establishment in 2004, Indolink has served satisfied clients from Europe, US and Israel in various tech industries. 

Our profound knowledge, vast experience and local excellent business networks in Southeast Asia are a solid basis to support successful entry to the region.


We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements for each and every project.

Business Development

We help you develop and execute market penetration strategy to your target market.

  • Roadshow – we locate and connect you with potential clients (distributors, resellers and/or end users), arrange and assist your visit to meet with the potential clients.
  • Presale – we assist your marketing, technical and sales team to conduct initial presentations and product demos to potential clients

Sales Service

We help you place offers and close the deals.

  • We act as your sales team in the territory, working in full coordination with your sales team in the head quarter.
  • We generate quotation request, place the offers, negotiate with potential clients and close the deals.
  • We aim for long term cooperation and maintain relationship between your team and your clients to grow the business.

Special Project

We welcome special projects coming from sellers and buyers.

  • Are you a seller? Have you started working in the territory? Do you face challenges along the way? Do you need help to handle specific leads?

Welcome – we can take over the lead from you and convert it into your client.

  • Are you a buyer? Do you look for certain technology or solution that you cannot find yourself or that you are not sure about the suppliers you find?

Welcome – we are well connected with reliable technology suppliers from Israel, US and Europe. Mostly high end solutions and innovations.


Market Expertise

We’ve been in the Southeast Asian markets since 2004. We understand the local business cultures and well experienced in closing deals. With our support, your market penetration efforts will be faster and cost effective.

Local Presence

Our local teams will assist you before and during your business visits and ensure efficient and effective meetings with clients. Beyond that, we can also represent your teams in follow-up meetings with your clients.

Synergistic Collaboration

Our methodology is to work in synergy with your teams. Leveraging on your teams’ industrial and technical expertise, together with our broad experience in business development and sales in the target market, we can collaborate productively from project start to finish.

Proven record

Our satisfied clients will be happy to share their testimonials for your consideration and answer your call for recommendation.


We are present and well experienced in Southeast Asian territory. Currently, our target markets are: Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Considering the pace of developments and market needs in the territory, our activities focus on the following industries: technologies and solutions, e-commerce, pharmaceutical and biotechnology.