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Google Eyes Indonesian SMEs Online Ads

JAKARTA: Google eyes ad potential from the Indonesian small and medium enterprise (SMEs) sector after the search engine decides to provide a business-marketing-through-ad model.

Derek Callow, Marketing Lead Manager of Google Asean, revealed the service packaged in Google AdWords would provide local SMEs with opportunities to record higher growth.

"To us, Indonesian SMEs are a huge and important potential," he informed yesterday.

According to Callow, it was only a matter of time for the Internet to penetrate deeply into Indonesia. "The penetration of the Internet and broadband will grow big, making Indonesia more relevant to us," he told.

Yesterday, Google held a seminar inviting Indonesian SMEs to take advantage of online ads. The online ad media was promoted to support SMEs business and could serve as an alternative media to find new customers.

The ad platform will enable SMEs to promote their products and services and make it easier for the Internet users to find ads relevant to what they search for.

Callow added Google AdWords was a fast and simple way for SMEs to display ads on Google without needing to worry too much about budget.

"The ads will be displayed together with the search result on Google and with the search and content in Google Ad Network, which covers over 78% of Internet users worldwide," he inserted.

Huge potential

Callow estimated online ads-especially on search engine media-would trigger business growths of Indonesian SMEs, whose number had already reached almost 50 millions. "This certainly will be relevant."

Expose by research institute Synovate in Indonesia showed there were over 23 million Internet users in 2007 and the number was projected to grow by more than 16% to 27 million users by the end of the year.

Most of the Indonesian people browse on the Internet to seek information before they decide to buy something, hinting larger opportunities for SMEs to grow if they make online ads.

The ads are potential to reach the growing population of Internet users in Indonesia and overseas Internet subscribers.

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