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Telkom set to launch WiMAX wireless service in Q1 2010

The Indonesian telecommunications industry will enter a new phase in the first quarter of next year with the deployment of the country's first WiMAX wireless services by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom).

Telkom consumer director Ermady Dahlan told The Jakarta Post on Thursday that the company was in the middle of completing the administrative requirements needed in order to obtain the operational licenses.

Ministry of Communications and Information spokesman Gatot Dewa Broto said his ministry would issue WiMAX operational licenses by the end of October after a series of operational feasibility tests based on the completion of the administrative requirements.

WiMAX is an advanced telecommunications technology providing wireless transmission of data using portable and fully mobile Internet access.

It provides high-throughput broadband connections over long distances without having to build costly infrastructure and large numbers of transmission towers.

The technology, which provides an alternative to cable and digital subscriber lines (DSL), has coverage of some 50 kilometers in radius from each base station, and has relatively low-investment costs compared to existing 3G technologies.

Ermady said the company had been carrying out surveys and procurement arrangements for the infrastructure, which would be set up after the company received the operational license.

He added that Telkom was ready to comply with the required minimum of 40 percent local content in the products to be used for setting up the necessary infrastructure. (nia)

Published on the Jakarta Post 25/09/2009

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