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About Indolink
Indolink embodies the bridge that connects Israeli and Indonesian businesses. The company was established in 2004 by Israeli and Indonesian partners. Avi, an Israeli businessman with a masters degree in business administration, has years of experience in sales and business development. Indi, a native Indonesian, holds a degree in international relations and is experienced in developing business and social relations with companies, institutions and government bodies in Indonesia.

Professionals from different cultures often face hurdles caused by a breakdown in communication. Indolink experts have a sharp awareness of both Israeli and Indonesian cultural issues and are equipped to help business people embark on successful joint ventures, while eliminating unnecessary friction, costly delays and loss of trust.

Indolink activities encompass a diverse range of industry sectors, including telecommunication, biotechnology, clean power, water treatment, environmental technology, agrotechnology, medical devices, electronics and software.

Indolink works closely with Israeli and Indonesian business people to establish long term partnerships, based on personal relationships, trust, and mutual respect. These company values form the basis for the successful collaborative relationships Indolink builds to bridge the two countries.
Israeli businesses choose Indolink
Indolink focuses on providing Israeli businesses with superior consulting services and practical solutions that lead them to, and guide them through, successful partnerships in Indonesia.

Why Indonesia?

Indonesia’s booming economy has been growing steadily in recent years. As the world’s third largest democracy with a population of 245 million, Indonesia is rapidly becoming a key player in the international marketplace. An active quest for modernization has led to the country’s growing demand for consumer goods, technology-based products and infrastructure development—both in terms of quantity and quality.

Despite its tremendous potential, the volume of trade between Israeli and Indonesian companies remains low. The lack of diplomatic relations, combined with a marked difference in cultures and business conduct, makes it especially challenging for Israeli companies to gain a foothold.

Why Indolink?

Indolink offers Israeli importers and exporters a diverse range of services and practical solutions. Our services assist Israeli manufacturers in building fruitful long-term partnerships with Indonesian businesses—throughout all stages of the business plan. Our experts help identify suitable partners for business collaboration, conduct business negotiations, and in later stages facilitate marketing, logistics and administrative matters. Indolink helps Israeli importers locate suitable suppliers, conduct negotiations, gather information on economic stability, and carry out quality control.

Indolink and you

Indolink provides your business with solid support based on an excellent rapport with the people, an in-depth understanding of their culture and customs, and vast expertise when it comes to doing business at the local pace and with the local codes of conduct.

A widespread network of connections with Indonesian businessmen, factories, and government institutions, along with fluent knowledge of the language, makes Indolink your key to this doorway of opportunity.
Indonesian businesses choose Indolink
The Indolink vision focuses on helping Indonesian companies establish strategic and mutually profitable cooperation with business partners from Israel.

Why Israel?

The Israeli market offers an unmatched resource for highly skilled workers, research capabilities, high-tech solutions, and quality manufacturing. The country produces competitively priced high-quality products on a par with those coming from the USA and Europe.

Although there exists a tremendous potential for trade between Indonesia and Israel, business people often encounter severe difficulties due to the huge gaps in culture, language, mentality and expectations between the two sides. The native born Israeli, known as the ‘sabra’, has a unique blend of communication styles that presents barriers for people who never lived in Israel. Crafting long term profitable business relations between Israel and Indonesia requires specialized knowledge in both cultures and mentalities.

Indolink experts have a sharp awareness of both Israeli and Indonesian cultural issues and are equipped to help business people embark on successful joint ventures, while eliminating unnecessary friction, costly delays and loss of trust.

Why Indolink?

Indolink provides extensive services for importers and distributors in Indonesia, helping them cooperate with suppliers from Israel. Our experts accompany businesses at every step of the way, from product checking, through selecting the most suitable suppliers, reaching agreements on price and conditions, and on through purchase transactions and distributorship agreements. The company also excels in helping businesses coordinate their goals and expectations, build new channels of communication, and craft joint work plans for the local sale of goods and services.

Indolink’s comprehensive market penetration programs are developed based on local business conduct guidelines to help Indonesian exporters achieve winning partnerships and the best fit with Israeli importers and distributors.

A strong team, commitment to excellence, and experience with the Indonesian culture makes Indolink the ultimate choice for business agent in Israel.

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