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Exporter Services Exporter Services
Indolink provides a wide range of professional services to support your marketing and sales in Indonesia or Israel:

   Complete outsourcing solutions for your business development services
   Identification of competent strategic partners, including distributors and       representative agents
   Establishment of business contacts and introduction to decision makers of       potential strategic partners
   Arrangement of business meetings, visits, and appointments
   Solutions for logistics in transportation and customs procedures
   Supervision of distributor activity to ensure goals are achieved
   And many other ...

Indolink provides your business with solid support based on an excellent rapport with the people, an in-depth understanding of their culture and customs, and vast expertise when it comes to doing business at the local pace and with the local codes of conduct

Importer Services Importer Services
Indolink provides professional services to support your quality purchases in Indonesia or Israel:

   Location of products, technologies and raw materials based on your demands       and requirements
   Investigation and reports regarding reliability and credibility of potential       suppliers
   Assistance in selecting the most suitable supplier by evaluating their long term       potential
   Establishment of quality control, along with inspection of packaging and       shipment

Indolink experts have a sharp awareness of both Israeli and Indonesian cultural issues and are equipped to help business people embark on successful joint ventures, while eliminating unnecessary friction, costly delays and loss of trust.

Business Training Business Training
   Guidance and presentations on Israeli business culture and etiquette in       Indonesian
   Guidance and presentations on Indonesian business culture and etiquette in       Hebrew
   Preparations for business visits and meetings
   Basic business Indonesian language course

Cultural Training Cultural Training
   Guidance and consultation on Indonesian culture, customs and behavior in       Hebrew or English
   Guidance and consultation on Israeli culture, costumes and behavior in       Indonesian

Professional Translation Professional Translation
   Translation of marketing and technical material in Indonesian or in Hebrew
   Software localization and translation into Indonesian and Javanese
   Interpreter services in Indonesian / English / Hebrew
   Voice over (audio recordings) in Indonesian, Javanese and Hebrew

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